Diversity Now competiton


My project aims to challenge the fashion and textile industry on their perception of the meaning of diversity and asks have they forgotten the real meaning of the word? As a young designer, I am irritated with the image of diverse models that the media promotes. Is diversity only people or models with different colored skin or hair, people with piercing, or plus size models? All these features are diverse, yes, but they are also all rather controversial and unconventional. These characteristics get a lot of attention but what about ‘normal’, average people? They are a huge part of the population. We see them every day, WE ARE THEM. In my project, I want to show that it doesn’t matter who you are, what country you’re from, what you do, what you look like…. It doesn’t matter as we all are beautiful. We all have to be acknowledged. It is unfair that only people with distinct personalities are worth something in the fashion industry. My textiles are about real humans, with fragile souls and many and varied insecurities. I took inspiration from what I think the fashion industry ignores. I am inspired by the diversity seen in works from the artists Grayson Perry and Polly Nor: they create pieces on the subject of real people; they are not interested in external beauty, but the stories behind it.