Final Major Project

Illustrations are based on places I’ve been to and members of my family. This project presents 4 pieces:

GRANDPARENTS: I have included all the elements that remind me of my grandparents. Grandma is one of the strongest and kindest people I’ve ever met.
Grandad passed away this year and I wanted to make this piece to celebrate his life.

KIDS:  I’m always amazed how imaginative kids are, working with them is highly inspiring.

What I love about children is their honesty, they are always true to themselves, they live in the moment, it comes to them naturally, without thinking. It’s something that we lose as adults. By making this piece I wanted to capture positivity and happiness.

PORTUGAL: I went there for two weeks and travelled by myself for the whole time. I feel like this experience gave me a huge boost of confidence.

MARRAKESH: I’m inspired by the colourfulness of the Moroccan villages. Travelling is a huge part of my life.

kids to print.jpg